Karl Pfeiffer is a portrait and conceptual photographer and filmmaker based out of Northern Colorado.


Blending his talents in fine art, his interest in video, television, and movies, and his passion for those things epic, romantic, and mysterious about the world around him, Karl now concentrates most of his creative pursuits toward photography and video. 

His primary focus and style revolves around blending the traditional sense of photography as a documentation of the world around us in a moment, with new technology that allows those images to be maniuplated toward the surreal and the impossible. It's here, he finds, that those things supernatural, mystical, Platonic, and meaninful can start to leak into images otherwise firmly based in the physical world grounded in light and shadow.

He finds this blending subtly in wedding photography and couples shoots, as well as more overtly, in his conceptual and portrait work.

His clients include album covers for Fearless Records and the bands BlessTheFall, My Enemies and I, The White Noise, and The Ghoulies. He does book and cover design for his own novels as well as for the novelist Jude Fawley, as well as advertising for The Stanley Hotel and the Ghost Hunter Cruise.

Starting at the same time that he discovered his passion for photography, Karl also took off on a passion for video work. He now does promotional videos as well as passion documentary projects. Though there's much coming in the future that can't yet  be shared, Karl was the director, producer, cinematographer, and editor of the well-reviewed Spirits of the Stanley webseries on the Dark Zone Network. 


Karl is always excited to take on new projects, whether in the traditional realm of portrait and wedding photos, or the non-traditional, where you may be interested in those thin places where reality breaks down. If you believe he might be the right fit for you, feel free to reach out! 

Links to social media are at the bottom of the webpage, and you can contact him by email here.


Grant Wilson (Syfy's Ghost Hunters)

Barry Fitzgerald (Syfy's Ghost Hunters International)

Susan Slaughter (Syfy's Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy)

Robb Demarest (Syfy's Ghost Hunters International and Haunting Australia)

Amy Bruni (TLC's Kindred Spirits and formerly of Syfy's Ghost Hunters)

Adam Berry (TLC's Kindred Spirits and formerly of Syfy's Ghost Hunters)

Patrick Doyle (Syfy's Ghost Mine)

Jay Verburg (Syfy's Ghost Mine)

Kristen Luman (Syfy's Ghost Mine)

Michelle Tate (Syfy's Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters)

Dave Schrader (Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge)

Aiden Sinclair (NBC's America's Got Talent)

John E.L. Tenney (Destination America's Ghost Stalkers and A&E's Paranormal State: The New Class)

Greg Newkirk (Planet Weird)

Dana Matthews (Planet Weird)

The Dark Zone

BlessTheFall (To Those Left Behind)

The Color Morale (Desolate Divine)

My Enemies and I (Sick World)

Raven Quinn (The Acoustic Album)

The Ghoulies (Roswell-A-Go-Go)

West Side Saints (Ends and Beginnings)

Fearless Records

Todd Mitchell (Novelist)

Jude Fawley (Novelist)

The Stanley Hotel

The Ghost Hunter Cruise