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"[Spirits of the Stanley] is a smart and engaging web series

that challenges all of the familiar ghost hunting television tropes

and keeps you completely fascinated from beginning to unfortunate end." 

                                               -Week in Weird


Spirits of the Stanley was initially planned to be a long-running Dark Zone webseries, and potentially even a television show, were the hotel interested in it. But all of that came to an abrupt end in late March of 2016, when the hotel cut loose the Spirit Investigations Team and ceased all paranormal activity on the property save their ghost tour. 

But nothing really stays dead. 

The Spirit Investigations Team is back in Spirits of the Stanley: Afterlife, a limited run web series that chronicles the work that the team did after their severance from the Stanley, which included following up on the mysterious and profound Spirit Box Experiment, doing further work on the Ganzfeld experiment, exploring local haunts, trying to contact the spirit who may have  been reaching out to the team's tech guy, Steve, following up on the question of whether Eddie or any of the other Stanley spirits really did follow the team home from the hotel, and advancing psychical experiments between Colorado and Texas. 


Director, Editor, Colorist, and Director of Photography: Karl Pfeiffer. Camera A Operator: Wyatt Mercer. Camera B Operator: Mark Kaufman. Produced for: The Dark Zone. 

All Photographs and Content © 2016 by KARL PFEIFFER

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