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Sticks River Design

Sticks River Design is the under-the-radar design imprint of Karl Pfeiffer's photography and writing work. Beginning with his first foray into self-publishing with his novel, Hallowtide, Karl expanded his skillset with the publication of his second book, Into a Sky Below, Forever, and the experimental design for his third book, Amarricages. His forays into design extended then to digital publishing and conversion. He's done the cover design for Jude Fawley's second and third novels, Karma Decay and Karma Ronin, and he's currently working on the special edition of Bear Maze!, Karma Mars (the third of the Karma Trilogy), and will design the Karma Omnibus when the third book drops.


Karl is keenly interested in where creative marketing borders on the artistic, especially in the way that modern photography and graphic design constantly breaks borders into the fine art categories, especially in marketing. He and his co-workers at Something Random Media in Fort Collins, Colorado, worked this spring on a series of fan-posters for the fourth season of American Horror Story, subtitled Freak Show. Their goal was to participate in the iconic imagery of the show, while also exercising the design skills to pull off something that looks both professional and reminiscient of the show's actual marketing. Those posters are included down below.


Karl Pfeiffer, and Sticks River would love to design your book cover, album art, or movie poster. Like his photography, he's willing to work closely with you until he gets exactly what you want, to satisfaction. Simply drop him a line on his contact page, and we can get started!

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