Halloween, 2001. Will Andrews is found in the hallway of Savage Creek High School, shot in the head, pistol in hand. Beside him is a dead man with a bomb strapped to his chest. Two of Will's best friends are dead. Two more are wounded. When Will wakes from his coma three days later, he has no memory of what happened, but the local papers are already calling him a hero.


Now, five years later, Will is in Hell. At night, he holds his girlfriend, Jennifer, close, while in his sleep he journeys deeper and deeper into a nightmarish dreamscape. During the day, his therapist urges him to finally look into the shooting, suggesting that these nightmares may be one part of himself desperately trying to communicate with the other.


But the deeper Will digs, the further the lines between reality and fiction are blurred, and he finds himself in a place where nightmare bleeds into memory, the spiritual leaks into the physical, and the world as he knows it threatens dissolving entirely.


Both beautiful and deeply harrowing, Hallowtide combines Jungian theory with echoes of classic descent narratives, deconstructing western philosophy, depression, and religion, while following one young man's fall into Stygian wasteland and the journey that will change him forever.



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Available for the first time, world-wide, is the special hard cover edition of Hallowtide. Coming in at 550 pages, this edition is beautiful, bright, and finally displays Karl Pfeiffer's breakthrough first novel the way it was meant to from the beginning. 


This edition includes a twenty-page excerpt from the never-before-seen screenplay that Karl wrote in the months following the publication of Hallowtide, in hopes that one day, someone may come looking for it. Until then, he's published a taste of what such a movie would have in store for you as a teaser for a day that may never come. 


Order the Special Edition as you would an autographed copy, exclusively through Click the paypal button above and follow the steps provided. Be sure you've clicked on the link for the Special Edition Hard Cover (it should say this in the product line of the Paypal link. It will be $35.00 for the book and $5 for shipping. If you'd like the book autographed, please include who you'd like it made out to in the additional info section!


Orders placed will take approximately three weeks to ship, as the book is too expensive to maintain a high inventory. One week to print, one week to ship to Karl, and one week to ship to you. Karl will update you as to whether he is in country and how long the order may take if there are conflicting circumstances.


Autographed Trade Paperback Copies ($25.00)








If you would like an autographed copy of Hallowtide, you have to place a special order with me, rather than using one of the normal online channels. 


To get one, first click the paypal button and follow the steps to purchase the autographed copy. Copies run $20 for the book and $5 for shipping. Then fill out the information in the contact form below, making particular note your name as it will appear on the paypal order, who you would like it made out to, and the address you would like it shipped to. 


I try to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. Though I'm not always at home when the orders are placed, I will sign and ship copies the moment I get back to my inventory. If I have web access and expect a delay, I'll respond to your email.

    Autographed Special Edition Hard Cover Copies ($40.00)


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