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For hundreds of years, locals have reported startling run-ins with monsters that dwell in the area’s caves and caverns, mass sightings of unidentified lights in the skies, and contact with mysterious entities that seem to originate from beyond this world. Now, a new documentary from Planet Weird heads deep into the heart of coal country in an effort to discover the truth behind the latest outbreak of high strangeness, a search which brings them to Hellier, Kentucky.

Hellier is a five-part, cinematic documentary series that investigates a new and intriguing supernatural mystery. What began as a plea for help from a frightened man, oppressed by what he believes are extraterrestrial forces, leads a small crew of paranormal researchers to a dying coal town, where a series of strange coincidences uncovers a decades-old mystery with implications as deep and far-reaching as the caverns beneath Appalachia.


Director, Editor, Colorist: Karl Pfeiffer

Executive Producers: Greg and Dana Newkirk.

Co-Executive Producer and Music: Connor James Randall

Co-Producer and Camera Operator: Rashad Sisemore.

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