Moving. Disturbing. In Denver, a young woman grows up terrorized by something massive and unnatural that watches her while she sleeps. In west Texas, a boy’s world unravels as his brother relates an encounter with a strange figure in the woods. Struggling with insomnia and depression, a man named Mitch begins speaking to a creature of folklore in the trees behind his house. And along the plains of the Rocky Mountains, two college students discover a house that should not exist.


These stories and more make up Karl Pfeiffer’s first collection following his debut novel, Hallowtide. Ranging from fiction to non-fiction, from the poetic to the profane, Into a Sky Below, Forever examines the thin places, where the wild leaks into the refined, the supernatural bleeds into the physical, reality blends with fiction, and where the only things left holding the world together are the things that truly matter the most.


This is a book about birth and rebirth: it’s a study of cycles, sex, and ouroboric processes; it's an examination of the ways we grow up, grow strong, grow together, and grow apart; an autopsy of the ways we love and rage and reproduce and repeat again.


As always, it’s about finding light amidst the darkness.



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If you would like an autographed copy of Hallowtide, you have to place a special order with me, rather than using one of the normal online channels. 


To get one, first click the paypal button and follow the steps to purchase the autographed copy. Copies run $20 for the book and $5 for shipping. Then fill out the information in the contact form below, making particular note your name as it will appear on the paypal order, who you would like it made out to, and the address you would like it shipped to. 


I try to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. Though I'm not always at home when the orders are placed, I will sign and ship copies the moment I get back to my inventory. If I have web access and expect a delay, I'll respond to your email.


All Photographs and Content © 2016 by KARL PFEIFFER

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