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Michelle and Sam

A real family affair, this wedding! Two years ago, I was asked by Michelle's brother, Ian, if I would do his engagement photos and wedding. Of course, I happily jumped at the offer. I'd known his family in high school from my year running Cross Country, and they are some of the nicest, high energy people you could meet. Michelle asked me to do her engagement photos and wedding, so of course I said yes! 

A few weeks later, I realized I'd more or less quadriple booked her wedding weekend with another wedding two days before, a paranormal event, and about five portrait shoots. But there was no way I was missing another Moore wedding. I squeezed it in, had a fantastic time, and got some absolutely gorgeous shots of the day. My absolute best to you two, Michelle and Sam. The day was so much fun, so beautiful, and I know you two will go far!

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