As mentioned in my About section, my paranormal career jump-started in 2009 when I was cast on and later won the first season of Ghost Hunters Academy. The experience was a stressful one, but more educational than I could have imagined. Like boot camp, we were thrown to the sharks and had to work at our very best. I followed my time on the show with a trip to New York, where I briefly appeared on the Ghost Hunters Live 100th episode at 8H Saturday Night Live studios, before later that night flying overseas to shoot with the Ghost Hunters International team. Despite my "prize" for winning Academy, my time spent on International was kept only to this episode, while my co-winner, Susan Slaughter, made it for the next two years. But it was in my return home that allowed me to discover work at the Stanley Hotel as well as return to Colorado State University, where I was inspired to put together the final draft of my first novel. 


I still keep in touch with many folks from the show, both Academy, International, and the original Ghost Hunters series, and I still tour the US now at various events during the year. Ghost Hunters Academy was an interesting show. It was rushed and tried to combine many different approaches and styles into one. I've developed a unique perspective on it, being both a fan and a cast member. But they are worth a watch, and absolutely if you're here curious about me. The experience was a life-changer for me.


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Listed below are my Television and documentary appearances, my media publications, and my various archived media appearances.

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunters Academy (TV Series Documentary) (2009), 6 episodes. S1 winner, Cast Member, Himself

"Web of Deceit", "The Honeymoon's Over", "Back to Basics", "Drama Queen", "The Blame Game", "Final Exams". 

Ghost Hunters International (TV Series Documentary) (2010), Cast Member, Himself. 1 Episode,

S02E14: "The Spirit of Robin Hood"

Ghost Hunters (TV Series Documentary) Cast Member, Himself. 2 Episodes,

S06E01: "Alcatraz Live Event" (2010)

"Live Halloween Special" (2009)

AdventureMyths: Shining Secrets of the Stanley Hotel (Documentary) (2012) Cast Member, Himself.

Television and Webseries Appearances

Media Appearances

Writing Contributions

Staff Writer (2011 - 2015), "The Three Types of Ghost Hunter", "Consciousness, ESP, and the Science That Proves It", "Threshold Consciousness", "Slender, Faceless", "The Proof is Out There", and the monthly Ghost Hunters Case Files, et al.

Contributor (2011 - Present), "American Horror Story: Coven Recaps", Interviews with Jason Henderson and AJ Barrera, et al.

Contributor (2013), "Breaking Down the Boogeyman"


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Spirits of the Stanley (Web Series Documentary) (The Dark Zone) (2016)

Cast Member, Producer, Director, Himself. 8 Episodes.

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