Introduction to the 3 Types of Ghost Hunter


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 7:31 min


A lot of the conflict in the paranormal field stems from a lack of harmony within investigative circles. Many people think others are "doing it wrong." 

In this vlog we break down the different types of paranormal investigator and explore how "doing it wrong" means different things depending on the category of investigator you fall under. 

Why Do We Investigate in the Dark?


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 9:06 min


In this vlog I break down five different reasons why ghost hunters investigate in the dark, and on the flip side, provide five different reasons why ghost hunters should investigate during the day. 



Vlog/Blog Syllabus


Most of these links will take you to a blog that I've written on the topic, which also has an embedded video if you'd prefer to watch and listen rather than to read the article. I keep a close eye on the comments, and encourage discussion. If you have any questions for me, you're welcome to leave them there and I'll try to get to them. But feel free to use each of these as starting points to dive into further research for yourself. Whether you agree or disagree with my views, these vlogs are specifically designed to challenge common approaches and deepen knowledge about why we do the things we do. Enjoy! 


Basics of Ghost Hunting


An Introduction to the Three Types of Ghost Hunter

Why Do Ghost Hunters Investigate in the Dark? 

Moral Issues in Ghost Hunting (Charging for Help, and What's Too Sacred?)

What is "evil" and what only looks like it?



EVP Sessions and Interacting With Spirit


Patience and Mindset before Ghost Hunting (Feat. John EL Tenney)

The Pros and Cons of Provocation as an interactive technique

How Diction can make a BIG Difference in EVP sessions.



Tools and Equipment


Fun Facts about Ouija Boards!

How the Flashlight Technique Works (and is it bullshit?)

False Positives and K2 Meters





How to Photograph a Ghost! (Camera settings, types of cameras, types of lighting)

An Introduction to UV light, IR, low lux cameras (Feat. Barry Fitzgerald)

Dust, Bugs, Moisture, and Things That Look Like Ghosts.

What are Lens Flares and Why They're Not Ghosts



Ghosts, the Paranormal, and Science


Dreams and Dreamstuffs (where the dreamspace crosses with the spirit realm)

ESP (A brief introduction to the work that's been done in the last century)



(Last Updated December 24, 2013)

False Positives and K2 Meters


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 6:14 min


The one where I look at what it means to have a "perfect conversation" with a spirit back and forth through a K2 meter.

Fun Facts About Ouija Boards!


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 8:54 min


In this vlog I dive briefly into the ever-controversial topic of the Ouija Board. Why do some people believe so strongly that these boards are tied to demonic possession? Are these beliefs unfounded? Or is there something going on here that we need to be protected from?

Ghost Hunter

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