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What is Sticks River productions?

Sticks River is high strangeness and a camera.  It's about bringing some magic into the world through a variety of formats.


it's groundbreaking independent DOC series

While Karl Pfeiffer and Sticks River love creating badass content of all forms, the favorite is documentary.

The format works best for our style.


Leave the lights and the catering to LA.

This is run-and-gun and damn good stories.

When a project comes up, we can slap the gear in the trunk and gather a small crew and we're ready to go.

The company specializes primarily in the paranormal space, Karl's oldest and deepest passion alongside creativity in general, but loves tackling any story that's mysterious, fascinating, bizarre, epic.

Karl is most known for his documentary series, HELLIER. It was made for next-to-nothing, a pure passion project, and now rivals most budgeted television paranormal reality series in quality and views.

It was released online, for free, with no big ad buy and has now run for two seasons, garnered a slew of awards,

and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

That's what Sticks River is all about: big budget feel no matter the resources,

staying true to the story without selling out, and bringing some wonder back to the world.

and Award-winning music videos

Despite Karl's lifelong love of music, it has remained an alien skill. Fortunately, he's found a way to engage with that now by directing and shooting music videos and behind the scenes glimpses into the making of the music. Whether that's on a full set or a small, more intimate run-and-gun endeavor with local artists, Karl most enjoys maximizing limited resources to supply as big-budget a feel as possible to the artist, no matter their current reach. 

His first collaboration with Raven Quinn and guitarist George Lynch won an Independent Music Award for Performance Music Video in 2020.

it's blockbuster photography

After a few years of getting to know the basics and playing with some simple self-portraiture, a camera theft and subsequent impulse buy launched Karl headfirst into the world of portrait and conceptual photography.


Utilizing lighting and photoshop to explore those surreal areas and magical spaces that only high-resolution cameras and a bit of post-production sauce could add to the sometimes-mundane real world around us, Karl found a new way to bridge his passion for the magical with the creative.

Like his music videos, Karl specializes in taking portraits to a more stylized and dramatic level, bringing a Hollywood look to any client, be it portrait or promotion.

and slick,

pro-grade Design

Whether it's book design, album covers, movie posters, event promos, or social media marketing, Karl loves to jump into the design space as much as possible.


He's created album covers for bands that include ALL THAT REMAINS, BLESSTHEFALL, OCEANS ATE ALAKSA, and THE COLOR MORALE, in addition to a slew of other rising and local artists.

In keeping with Karl's feelings toward music videos and local musical artists, Karl also enjoys continuing to supply opportunities for up-and-coming artists and personalities, providing a professional, slick presence in their products and promotion.

past clients


and more

so Reach out, any time




Northern Colorado



If you're curious about my rates or my offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out! Though I strive for a cinematic and professional quality in my products, I also try to serve the needs of the independent community, and I do my best to keep my prices in a reasonable range for those local artisans, artists and bands who might be interested in acquiring some of my work.

I'll do my best to reply as quickly as possible, though sometimes there can be a short delay if I find myself particularly busy.


I look forward to working with you!

Thanks! Message sent.