There are two kinds of writer. The first kind can't function if they're not writing. Ideas, observations, thoughts, stories, poems, all of these things become so clogged in the writer's head that he cannot help but express them, and his work becomes an extension of his action. I'm not this kind of writer. I'm the second kind. I'm the kind of writer who writes because he loves art and books and the revelation that hides within the folds of the lies that the novelist spins. It's not enough, for this second kind of writer, to simply exist in those worlds, I have to engage and reproduce it too. 


I've always been a slave to my passions, though those passions are rare. I want other people to feel as deeply as I feel, to marvel as I do. And I find writing is a clean outlet for these feelings. My passions are simple. I'm a Romantic. I love the epic and the dark and the mysterious and the moving. I search for god--whatever that may be--in the cracks and the small places. In the details. 


My philosophy of writing then is to play with the cracks: to write about the thin places, where emotions become transcendent and break apart the world as we know it. I write about the paranormal as non-fiction and fiction alike. I write horror and drama and romance. I let the writing break into poetry when it wants to, images at other times. Rules are arbitrary. 


I wrote my first novel in two years while in high school, and after another four years of revisions, I rewrote the entire book with a new approach, applying healthy doses of mysticism, Jungian theory, and personal experiences from my own life, and the story came alive. That book is called Hallowtide and I released it in October of 2012. It's a psychological thriller. But it's also a mystical journey and philosophical exploration. It studies a Jungian approach to religion, which in itself brought together Gnostic thought with Eastern and Western traditions. It's a melting pot that breathes and seethes and I'm more proud of it than anything else I've done in my life. 


I'm now at work on my second book, Into a Sky Below, Forever, a collection of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction intermixed with poetry. It explores not only the thin places, but where fact blends with lies and what truths exist above it all regardless. It's a study of cycles. Ouroboric processes, the way we grow up, grow strong, love, reproduce, and repeat again. It drops in September of 2013.


My second novel, a thematic sequel to Hallowtide and the second in the proposed Pleroma Trilogy, is called Amarricages, and will be released in 2014.


For the past two and a half years, I've been writing for the TAPS Paramagazine and I occasionally contribute to Aaron Sagers' Paranormal Pop Culture Blog. I keep my blog updated regularly, which often includes my thoughts on the paranormal field as a whole, as well as commentary and criticism about recent horror movies. 


I also write for the screen. In January of 2013, I adapted Hallowtide as a screenplay, and it's in the early stages of marketing. As of August 2013, I'm writing a screenplay tentatively titled The Poltergeist Effect, that I hope to begin producing in the late fall of 2013 as a small, independent release in 2014. 


All Photographs and Content © 2016 by KARL PFEIFFER

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